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When I decided to write my first article in English, it seemed like a good idea. I wrote the first few sentenses and it was easy. But after a while I realized that I still don’t know how to think in English and I don’t even know if it will be readable. So please don’t judge me. Don’t write me a comment saying that my English is horrible. Trust me, I know.

I will start with a traveling memory. Nice times, right guys? We were one of the happiest couples traveling in January. It was our honeymoon in Mexico. We visited amazing places and met great people, a lot of which were businesmen. One of them was Sancho and his coconut business ???

When we were in Playa I met on La Quinta Avenida a 10 year old boy I will call Sancho (just because I like it). He was quite active and sold me a coconut. It was a super delicious coconut ready to eat. I loved to support him. He also had an assistant who carried all the coconuts. Mexicans in La Rivera Maya are proud people with an enterpreauner mentality. From coconuts to bus or minivan drivers and beyond, everyone is doing business.

From places, I can recommend Xcaret (Xelha, Xplor, Xenses). If I go to heaven I wish it to look like Xcaret. So beautiful nature, great food and tons of activities. Let’s check some pictures.

Survivor, Episode: Home prison LIVE this March

I love this TV show and in some way I think Covid has been quite a hard social experiment – just like the show.

We lived in a small apartment with a flatmate. Our flatmate slept in the room and my wife and I made our room from the living room area attached to the kitchen. I had to work and learn for my insurance test, all from home with my pregnant wifičko working in the same room. I won’t write more deatils because my wife corrects this article :). No, I’m just kidding, she’s great. All I will say is that it was great practice for when our son would join our tribe. Patience is key.

Do you want to be really effective? Make a baby ?

Let me explain a little bit. Thanks to the covid situation, my wife’s mom could’nt arrive and my mom unfortunately got sick soon after the delivery, so postpartum was basically on our superpowers. We arrived the next day from the hospital and that first week was crazy. I had to work because I’m selfemployed. Add to that cooking, grocery shopping, and cleaning here and there. My wife was breastfeeding and healing. Everything was a mess.

The result was that both my wife and I got sick. That was the moment when we realized that we needed to change the game.

At that time I started to read a book called “Sell like crazy” from Sabri Suby and it saved my life. Early in the book Sabri talks about how much you earn hourly vs the work you get done that doesnt provide income -like house work or administrative things that need to be done but dont increase income. That helped me realize I couldn’t afford to waste time shopping, cleaning, and doing laundry any longer…

“Once you have figured out how much your hourly rate is, you don’t want to complete any tasks that you could hire someone to do for a lesser rate.”

Sell like Crazy, p26.

Some examples of my Outsorce/Delegate list are:

  • CRM It was a real game changer. Until this time I used only spreadsheets and google calendar. I will write an article about it.
  • I also delegated some administrative things such as preparing of contacts.
  • Dryer. It saved us around 2 hours per week of hanging laundry. Plus it dries everything faster, so we can have fresh laundry in no time

Thanks to this, I more than doubled my clients’ portfolio and I had more time for my family.

I also upgraded my work space. The last 2 years I worked on a laptop (14 inches) and my table was created from two pallets and paper tabelcloth 🙂 I like to stand and walk while phone calling. But finally, this year I was able to buy a table that can move up for me to stand or down if I want to sit.

What I messed up this year

I wasn’t able to fix my wisdom teeth, so I will need to take them out this month (Jan 2021). I’m also fighting with some eczema (propably from the teeth).

For 2021 we have a lot of plans. One of them is try to live in Mexico. So I need to improve my Spanish and make a drivers license. Yes I still don’t know how to drive as you can see from my wife’s face.

Thanks for reading. If you have your own report or anything to say, please share it in comments.

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